Condo in Montreal seen from the front with a young professional

The project

“some search for happiness.
i’ve found mine.”
Mansfield Condos

First, the location. This neighbourhood is close to everything—restaurants, cultural scene, entertainment. The project has only 226 exclusive units spread over 19 floors and is located next to the Sun Life building, one of the most beautiful buildings in Montréal. Let’s walk to the corner.

Chic architecture

Something to be noticed! Classic without being dated, a bit like the new buildings we see emerging in New York City. Oh! The details, the colour of the stones, the curved windows... Surrounded by architecture that infuses elements from history and artistry, the view from this intersection is magnificent.

A paved lane full of history

Do you remember the Loews Theatre? What an era! In the walkway that runs along its former site, a commemorative wall reminds us of this iconic building that’s now part of the Montréal cultural scene. It’s truly exceptional! An integrated snow melt system allows you to enjoy this connected path during winter.

Living areas

Let’s explore the amazing common areas. I must warn you, the list is long and they’re all different! So, there is the rooftop swimming pool, its terrace, its lounge area with outdoor fireplaces, the spa, the sauna, the exercise room, the yoga room, the indoor golf simulator, the party room, the wine bar, the work spaces and conference rooms... all chic, modern, and impeccable.

All you have to choose is the floor

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Let’s go for a walk

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